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Extend Your Wardrobe With Midlayers

Trademarked unique venting system by Helly Hansen

Get the most of your wardrobe and use layering pieces from winter on cool summer nights or inside frigid air conditioned restaurants and stores. In winter weather there is the first layer or base layer, a mid-layer or fleece jacket, then your outer shell jacket.  Take that mid-layer jacket to wear in the spring, summer and fall. Try the Helly Hansen H2 Flow Insulator to break the wind when you are out on the boat.… Read More

Cleaning Snow Outerwear for Summer Storage

Nikwax Spray On Waterproofing

You have prepared your ski and snowboard gear for summer storage, but did you forget about your ski jacket and snow pants? Keep your waterproof breathable outerwear performing and looking good longer by washing before storing in the warm summer months. Over time when clothing is stored with dirt, stains and sweat it will be harder to remove. Dirt will clog the fabric’s ability to allow vapor to wick out. How To Clean Ski Jackets and… Read More

The Life of a Ski Helmet

K2 Thrive ski helmet or snowboard helmet is has a hard shell construction with a low profile design.

I attended the Ski and Snowboard Snow Show in Denver in February. This is where shops see all next years products. While getting a product presentation, helmet manufactures are saying you should replace your helmet every 5 – 7 seasons. When I first heard this, I thought it was just their way of creating sales. So I started asking “Why replace your helmet every 5 – 7 years?” Seems manufactures found that an impact is… Read More

Copper Mountain On-Snow Demo 2014

Copper Mountain Snow Show Demo 2014

On-Snow Demo was held at Copper Mountain February 2nd & 3rd 2014 following the Snow Show in Denver. Rick and Laurie, owners of Alpine Accessories, demoed 2014-2015 skis that will be in shop.  This will allow us to give customers first hand experience on how each ski behaves in various conditions.

Therm-IC Presented at SIA Snow Show 2014

Rick from Alpine Accessories met with Therm-IC Staff at SIA Snow Show 2014

Therm-IC product for 2014-2015 was shown at the SIA Snow Show 2014 booth. Rick Pasturczak, owner of Alpine Accessories met with representatives of The Soze Group, the North American distributors for Therm-IC products. The Therm-IC heated gloves will be making a comeback with improvements to the battery connectors. It will be easier to recharge the glove batteries as the batteries will no longer need be unplugged from the gloves to recharge them. The line will… Read More

Real Goat Fur Boot Exclusive At Alpine Accessories

Real goat fur boots made in Italy available at Alpine Accessories.

If  you want beige long goat fur boots, Alpine Accessories is the only place you will find them. It has been about three years since the beige 810 fur boot have been available. With so many requests for the beige fur boot, our buyer decided to place an exclusive order to meet the boot makers minimum. The Regina 810 goat fur boot is lined in wool sherpa making these the warmest boots for the coldest days.… Read More

K2 Ski Donates to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

K2 Skis Women's Alliance donates $50,000 annually to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Alpine Accessories would like thank K2 Ski Alliance and K2 Snowboard Alliance for donating a minimum of $50,000 annually to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other organizations on behalf of all K2 women’s product. K2 has donated over $1,000,000 to organizations worldwide in the past decade to help women to stay healthy and active. Being sedentary and overweight increases one’s risk for this disease. Being overweight increases ones risk as fat tissue produces estrogen that is linked to cancer risk. In the… Read More

Celebrate our 20th Anniversary

This October marks 20 years since Alpine Accessories made their first sale out of the basement of the owners home in October of 1993. See the complete story. And since it is such a milestone, Alpine Accessories is having a 20 Anniversary Celebration! Stop by the store. There are plenty of 20 Year Anniversary promotions going on. Many deals in the ski department, snowboard department, accessory department, and clothing department. One promotion is a FREE Giro goggle valued at $40.00 with… Read More

Bring on the snow, Alpine Accessories is ready!


As of September 2oth,  2013, Alpine Accessories has completed the transformation of the store from summer to winter. The 2014 equipment and clothing is on display and ready for you to see. The early shopper gets the best selection because we’re at our fullest inventory. And our service department is ready to go so bring in your skis and snowboards for tuning. Hope to see you soon! Rick and Laurie Owners of Alpine Accessories

What’s new for ski gear for 2014?

The first thing that comes to mind is the new K2 ski boots. Instead of taking a race boot and tuning it down, K2 decided to design their boots from the ground up. This gave them more options on how to design their new boots. The big difference is their Y shaped spine on the back of the boots which allows the boots to flex progressively instead of your shin hitting a brick wall like some customer say happen.… Read More