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Paddle Board Accessories for Safer and Easier Paddling

paddle board accessories paddles and leash

Get more out of your paddle boarding experience Paddle board accessories can make your paddling experience more fun, safer and easier. There are basic must have accessories such as a paddle, a PFD and a leash that will make life easier for you on the water. Paddles: Paddles can range from under 2 pounds to over 4 pounds. Paddle are made out of aluminum, plastic, carbon or any combination. If you a a beginner an… Read More

When to get the Best Deals on Ski Gear & more!

When to get the Best Deals on Ski Gear & more! To get the lowest prices one must plan ahead.  When products and services are at the height of the season, when all the new models arrive is when you pay the MSRP/Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Many retailers are bound by dealer agreements to hold M.S.R.P. prices until a specified date at the end of the season. When the end of the season arrives retailers… Read More

The Best Men’s Ski Pant

Descente Comoro Mens Ski Pant

Descente knows ski clothing. They should. They’ve been making ski clothing since 1957 and are one of the top brands in the world. If you seen any Olympics in the last 40 years, you’ve seen Descente clothing on many competitors and racers. Descente’s iconic name (French for downhill skiing) and 3 arrow logo known as the “Spirit Mark” symbolizes the bold spirit and the basic skiing techniques of schuss, traverse and side slip. The Descente… Read More

Ski Bags and Ski Boot Bags for Every Skier

Sportube Ski Hard Case

Selecting the right travel bag for your ski trip is easy as 1 2 3. How long will your trip last? A larger cargo bag may be needed for all your gear needed for a week long trip verses a small bag for a day trip. For a week long trip you will need several days of clothing to avoid stinky clothes or washing machines. If you are going on a day trip all you… Read More

Ski Gear Product Training Clinic

Rossignol Rep Tim Parker gives Alpine Accessories staff annual product clinic.

Every fall the staff at Alpine Accessories will learn about new ski and snowboard product from the manufacturer reps. Manufactures continually improve their product. This is the time for our staff, who were not able to go to the on snow demo’s, to learn about changes to the structure, composition and design of skis and snowboards. This training allows you to get the best service and the right product for your needs.

Normcore Ski Wear

Obermeyer Jewel Womens Jean Ski Pant

Are you anti-fashion? Do you like to dress as inconspicuous as possible, with no designer logos? Blending in is the new standing out. The new trend is to dress “normcore”. Normcore is dressing super anonymous, no logos, no labels, non-descript quality apparel. The unpretentious normcore style will stand the test of time. So when you go looking for ski wear this season, choose quality pieces a la carte and mix and match quality pieces from… Read More

Get Ready For Ski Season

Paddle Board Workout

At the beginning of every season we see people bringing in their skis and snowboard to get tuned or buying new gear in anticipation for the season ahead. But how many of us are getting our bodies ready for the slopes? If you are out of shape, it could ruin a otherwise great vacation. When you are in shape you can ski or snowboard longer giving you more time on the hill and giving you… Read More

Buy Environmentally Sustainable Clothing

Buy quality apparel to reduce resources by getting more use of one item. Recycle and Reuse your garments.

When we buy quality apparel that provides many years of use, you reduce the amount of resources required. Most of us do not realize that producing apparel takes an enormous amount of resources. We think that if an item states it is natural, cotton, or wool that the clothing is good for the earth. “The textile industry is one of the most chemically intensive industries on earth, second only to agriculture, and the world’s largest… Read More

Extend Your Wardrobe With Midlayers

Trademarked unique venting system by Helly Hansen

Get the most of your wardrobe and use layering pieces from winter on cool summer nights or inside frigid air conditioned restaurants and stores. In winter weather there is the first layer or base layer, a mid-layer or fleece jacket, then your outer shell jacket.  Take that mid-layer jacket to wear in the spring, summer and fall. Try the Helly Hansen H2 Flow Insulator to break the wind when you are out on the boat.… Read More