100 years of Rossignol Skis

You say, What? Rossignol has been making skis for Over 100 years! How can that be?
Well let me tell you…  

  • Carpenter Abel Rossignol, born in the French Alps and a very committed Abel Rossignolskier, made his first skis out of solid wood in 1907.
  • In 1937, Emile Allais became world champion on Rossignol skis.
  • With Rossignol Olympic 41 skis, Henri Oreiller became the first French Olympic champion in history, in 1948.
  • In 1956, Laurent Boix-Vives bought the company and started to sell Rossignol skis all over the world.   
  • Alpine Accessories is an authorized Rossignol dealerRossignol skis and snowboards are available online at Alpine Accessories.
And now the sage continues, with award-winning products in every category by combining manufacturing knowledge and experience with materials, intuition and a deep, personal understanding of skiers’ desires. The result is the Rossignol difference...


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