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Charge your Ski Boot Warmer Batteries

Ski Boot Warmer Battery

Therm-IC Super Max Battery

If you have a battery heated item that uses AA or D sized batteries, your batteries should be removed from the battery holder. If you do not remove the batteries, they could corrode and cause damage.

If you have a rechargeable battery system, READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL! Many times the manufacturer recommends your batteries to be charged every 6 months while in storage. If not they will go into a dormant mode or sleep mode and the batteries completely drain of their charge and may not accept a re-charge thereafter.
Hotronic e4 Ski Boot Warmer Battery

Hotronic e4 Battery

So depending on the last day you used the batteries, we recommend charging your batteries on Memorial Day and Labor Day. Make a little time to take care of your batteries and you will thank us for it next winter.
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