Let’s talk helmets!

Ski and snowboard helmets gain in popularity every year and for good reasons! Helmets are lightweight, warm, functional, stylish and they protect your head! A ski or snowboard helmet is something you hope you never test to see if it works but glad you have it if an accident does happen. A record number ofRead More

Ski Equipment Summer Storage

Off season storage is extremely important and can make your equipment last and perform longer. Follow these tips to help you protect your investment and get the best performance out of your gear. DON’T store your skis and snowboards for the summer without proper preparation. DO have your skis and snowboards cleaned and tuned atRead More

High Altitude and Oxygen

Today’s breathable air contains less than 21% oxygen while previous years contained more than 50%. Big city living or being at high altitude decrease your oxygen intake even more. Your body thrives on three things; 1) oxygen, 2) water and 3) food. However, oxygen is the catalyst for the other two. Without the proper levelsRead More

Ski Shop Remodel is Done!

Ski shop gets new carpet

Grand Re-Opening October 14, 2011: Alpine Accessories is a growing specialty shop focused on skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and winter fun.  We carry ski and snowboard equipment for beginner to experts, technical ski and snowboard clothing as well as fur boots and boot heaters, and accessories. There is an in-store service department for doingRead More

Heated Clothing

Are you one of those who dress properly but still get cold? Or do you have poor circulation and get cold hands and feet? There is a solution for you! Battery heated clothing! Battery heated vests, jackets, gloves, mittens and battery powered boot heaters are very popular with us because they apply heat directly toRead More