Should you rent ski equipment?

With the airlines charging a fee for bringing luggage, you have to make a choice whether to bring your own equipment or rent equipment on your next trip. I took a trip to Lake Tahoe with United Airlines in
January, and found that they charge $15.00 for your first checked bag and $25.00 for the second bag. But I only paid $15.00 because UAL considers a ski bag AND boot bag as 1 piece of luggage. I was told that even though gas prices have gone down, so have the amount of travelers, so the airlines will continue to charge this extra fee for extra revenue until things get better. Let’s look at each option closer.

#1) Renting your equipment does have advantages. You don’t have to haul your equipment, you don’t have to pay the airlines baggage fees and you can try new gear, which can be fun, especially if you’re looking at purchasing new equipment.
But renting has disadvantages. You have to stand in line and pay about $25.00 a day for rentals. Then you’re not sure of getting correct performance level or size. Many times the equipment needs to be tuned, which can ruin your day. In a recent survey, improperly tuned equipment was the number one complaint with renting. You’ll also waste precious vacation time getting accustomed to the rental gear.

#2) Bringing your own equipment– In our opinion, this is still the best way. By having your own gear, you’ll have equipment that is fitted to you and your ability not to mention comfortable ski boots. You’ll know your gear is properly tuned and if it isn’t, it’s your fault. With your own ski equipment, you won’t have to stand in rental lines and you won’t have to take time getting accustomed to how they feel and turn. You just step in your gear, go and have fun!

#3) Alternate, ship your equipment– You may not have been aware of this, but you can ship your equipment to you destination using UPS or FedEx. Depending on your destination, the cost is a about the same as the airlines charge for a second piece of luggage but you don’t have to carry your equipment.
Keep in consideration, you can not ship in a soft bag. You need to have a strong box or a hard travel case like our Sportube to ship your skis and snowboard. Also remember to contact your destination to see if they accept shipments, most resorts do. While your on the phone, get the correct address. If you choose, bring your equipment into us and we can ship it for you any where in the USA.



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