Timely tips on staying warm!

We’ve asked some of our customers and employees to share some of their secrets on how they stay warm on the slopes. Hopefully you’ll find some of their secrets helpful.

  • I never wear my ski socks when I drive to my destination because they’ll be damp when I arrive. Instead, I put them on when I arrive. This way my socks are dry which help my feet stay warm.
  • I have a heated boot bag which plugs into my car as I drive to the slopes. When I arrive, my boots, socks, headliner, gloves and helmet are nice and toasty.
  • I use my expedition weight base layers and lots of heat packs on cold days to stay warm.
  • My zippered neck warmer. It doesn’t allow the heat in my ski jacket to escape and if I get too warm, I can unzip it to vent.
  • I recommend anyone that gets cold hands and feet to get battery heated gloves and battery boot heaters. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made to stay warm. I also use them for sitting during football games.
  • If I ate before I went on the slopes, I got cold easier. Now I don’t eat until I’ve been on the slopes for a few hours. I also drink a cup of hot chocolate before going out. This gets me warm.
  • I’m too old for cold days. I only ski when it’s above 20 degrees and sunny. This way I don’t get cold.
  • I cover up any bare skin when I board. Most of the time no one can tell who I am because I have on so much clothing.
  • I wear mittens on real cold days and gloves on other days.
  • It’s simple, I go inside when I get cold.
  • My feet always got damp then they got cold. Someone told me to spray my feet with antiperspirant to keep my feet dry. Try it!
  • My Descente jacket and pants. Never again will I cheap out on ski clothing. I like staying warm.
  • I read somewhere if you keep your body core warm, the rest of the body will stay warmer. So I bought a battery heated vest and guess what, it keeps me much warmer!
  • When I go boarding on real cold days, I keep moving and get aggressive to work up body heat. If I stop, I get cold.
  • They say heat arise so I always wear a hat or helmet.

If you have any further suggestions on how to stay warm, post them here on our blog!


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