When to go on a skiing / boarding vacation?

When you travel to the mountains, you want to get the most enjoyment for your money, so we asked many customers last month when is their favorite time to go on a ski/snowboard vacation. Most said during Christmas holiday and spring break. But if you take the school breaks out of the formula, we got some interesting answers.

Hands down, the most favorite time to travel to the mountains was March. But it was because everyone like the warmer temperatures and more daylight. Many also said they like to extend their ski and snowboard season because it usually ends the first week of March in the Midwest.

The next favorite time was February for the same reason, a little warmer and more daylight than January but with a possibility better snow conditions than in March. We also got a lot of responses for early December and early April because prices on lodging were a lot lower than the rest of the season and the slopes wer not as croweded.

What we found strange was not one person mentioned January as the month to go on a vacation. Our guess was because it’s so cold and many of us are trying to recuperate from the holidays.

Use this handy ski and snowboard trip checklist to make sure you bring the proper gear on your trip.

Hope this helps you plan your next trip!


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