New Rocker Skis

Salomon rocker skis

Get to know the term ROCKER. While rocker was seen in a handful of skis and snowboards the 09/10 season, it will be coming like an avalanche for the 10/11 season.

When you lay a current ski or snowboard on the ground without rocker, the base touches the ground from tip to tail. A ski or board with extreme rocker would be shaped like a banana and would only touch under the feet. K2 2010-2011While very few skis and boards have this extreme rocker, most equipment will have some variance of rocker. Rocker helps you initiate the turn when you lay the ski or snowboard on its edge. You’ll especially notice it at low to medium speeds and in slush or deep snow.

We needed to see for ourselves if rocker works before placing orders for the shop so we sent 5 people to Winter Park last January to test the new equipment.  This demo is hosted by the manufacturers for retailers only. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

After testing, all our testers agreed that rocker allow skis and snowboards to initiate turns easier. So much, that some testers didn’t want to give the test skis back. Look for a new trend in equipment.

Come in to Alpine Accessories now to see the new K2 and Salomon ROCKER skis!Salomon rocker skis



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