Your Alpine Accessories Ski Test Team

By Debb Schnoor

Alpine Accessories has been thinking about what ski equipment you will be using this winter, since last winter!
In January our test team went to Denver for the SIA* Show and then to Winterpark to evaluate the 2011-12 ski equipment. It’s a gruelling job, but sombody has to do it.

Winter Park Ski Test Team 2011
Rick - Buyer, Debb - Email Marketing, Laurie - Buyer, Bill - Mooch, Each has 40 years skiing experience.

Many of the skis that Alpine Accessories has to offer this year, had already been selected by Rick, but he wanted other opinions. He designed a score card and listed the skis that he wanted each of us to try. Each ski was ridden for 2 runs on various terrains and consistently the same route. The results were not a surprise. Rick does his homework. Which is why buying your equipment from Alpine Accessories is the smart choice, they know their stuff!

Ski Testing by Joey Keen
Joey Keen - Sales staff & Ski racer (Elite Class CMSC)

So now this month, Alpine Accessories is celebrating their Store Grand Opening! The store was doubled in size over the summer and now has more room for skis, ski boots, poles, etc. All of the stuff that was selected at the SIA* Show and Winterpark is arriving. The displays as well as the website are being filled with new stock daily.

NOW is the time for you to Do Your Homework. You have 2 months before winter arrives. During that time your assignment is to; Check out the ski equipment that Alpine Accessories has to offer. 
Read our comments about the skis that we tested. 
And visualize yourself gliding down virgin runs. 

 You will not be graded on your work, but there is a test at the end.  Which skis will you ride?
If you have any questions, you can cheat on the test by contacting Rick at

And after you have tried your new skis, please write your own review on Help other skiers study for their test.
 *SnowSports Industries America

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