Why You Should Use Boot and Glove Dryers

The 2 main reasons why you should use boot & glove dryers are:

  1. Boot & Glove Dryers will remove the moisture that make your hands and feet feel cold.
  2. Boot & Glove Dryers will remove the moisture that mildew and bacteria thrive on.
Where does this moisture come from?  How does a dryer remove this moisture?
This is One WARM Winter!!! We here in northern Illinois have no snow in our yards. The local ski areas are open, but struggling, and it’s spring skiing conditions. Warm, wet and slushy. It’s snowing in Colorado and Utah, but the temperatures are remaining warmer than normal there too.

One of the drawbacks of warm weather skiing is sweating. Even if you wear your lighter ski clothing that wick and vent, as soon as you exert yourself you start to perspire. So then your gloves and boots are getting wet from the inside. What do you do?

  • Do you forget and leave your wet boots and gloves in your boot bag?
  • Do you lean your boots and gloves against a floor vent or radiator and hope they dry enough to use the next day?
  • Or do you sit there with a hair dryer, believing that the air is circulating into your boots and gloves?


An electric Boot & Glove Dryers or warmer will make your ski or snowboard boots more comfortable and enjoyable.   Keep in mind, you do not want hot air (like from a clothes or hair dryer or heat vent) to dry your boots as the excessive heat will damage your liners.  Instead, you want warm air to dry your liners.

Boot warmers heat thermally at 99 degrees and have no moving parts. They dry from the inside out without removing your ski boot liners.  Dry time depends on the dampness of your boots but usually takes no longer than overnight. If you wish to just warm your boots, it only takes about 30 minutes.

Forced air boot dryers / warmers:

Circulating warm air from a fan works best and is the fastest way to dry your boots. Gently circulating warmed air can efficiently dry and warm all types of footwear. Some models are good for work, sport and hiking boots, ski boots, snowboard boots, skates, dress and casual shoes, athletic shoes, golf shoes or whatever you need warm and dry.  Some boot dryers are designed for the home while other boot dryers are designed for traveling. So you will need to pick the model that best fits your lifestyle.

Boot & Glove Dryers

The Dry Guy Transporter is the best portable boot and glove dryer/warmer that we tested. The DryGuy Transporter boot dryer has two rotating adjustable arms telescope in and out easily into all boots, skates, and gloves or mittens. Safely warms and dries one pair of boots and one pair of gloves at once.  The size allows it to travel easily. It’s compact and collapses for easy transportation

Boot & glove dryers are extremely affordable. The models that we offer range from $24.85 to $69.95.  You have a lot of money invested in your boots, gloves and shoes. Isn’t it logical to protect your investment by drying the mildew causing moisture?



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