Flow Snowboarding

Flow snowboard bindings are famous for SpeedEntry system and now they are faster than ever with the New Active Strap.  The New Active Strap automatically lifts up when you open the reclining hiback and actively tightens again when you close the hiback.

Flow was purchased by Niedecker in 2018. The Flow snowboards and boots are now branded Niedecker. Only the bindings continue to be branded as Flow.

Past Seasons Flow Snowboard Gear

2019 Niedecker Escape Snowboard

Niedecker 2019 Merc Snowboard Niedecker 2019 Triton Snowboard Boot

2017 Flow Snowboards

Flow 2017 Micron Verve Snowboard Flow 2017 Merc Snowboard Flow 2017 NXT Snowboard Binding

2016 Flow Era Snowboards

Flow 2016 Viper Mens Snowboard Flow 2016 Silhoutte Womens Snowboard

2015 Flow Era Snowboards

Flow 2015 Merc Snowboard Flow 2015 Venus Womens Snowboard

2014 Flow Snowboards

Flow 2014 Wigglestick Snowboard Flow 2014 Whiteout Snowboard Flow 2014 Viper Snowboard

2012-2013 Flow Snowboards

Flow Merc Snowboard with EZ Rock reverse camber. Flow Verv Snowboard twin tip freestyle for park and jibbing.


Flow Era snowboard for agressive intermediates to experts. Flow Drifter to intermediate to advanced boarders.


Flow Jewel and Venus Snowboards
Flow Jewel TruTwin | Flow Venus with EZ Rock for pop!


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