K2 Rant Pro Helmet

by Debb Schnoor
The skate inspired Rant Pro helmet is all you need for lapping the park or shredding the whole mountain. It features a minimalist design and a low profile brim designed to keep your goggles clear.

Construction – Hard shell construction that is built to last and will look good no matter how many trips they make in and out of your gear bag.
K2 Rant Pro Ski Snowboard Helmet in Lime
The Rant Pro has Audio Headphones built in

Baseline Audio System – Level 1 audio system that allows you to plug into your MP3 player and adjust the volume while out on the snow.

Passive Channel Venting – Air flow that is directed between your head and helmet removing moisture and excess heat by channels on the inside surface of the helmet.
Snap-Strap Fit System – Snap strap at the rear of the helmet to give your liner that exact right fit.  Get your Rant Pro  snowboard helmet today!


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