Therm-ic Boot Heaters are back in stock

A new shipment of Therm-ic battery boot heaters has just arrived at Alpine Accessories. 

Therm-ic battery boot heater

Therm-ic was recently purchased by Sidas also a maker of battery boot heaters.  During the transition the availability of Therm-ic product will be limited, however new 2013-2014 product will be available fall of 2013. Alpine Accessories does have Thermic batteries, insoles and parts so, if you have one of the several alpine ski boots or snowboard boots which include Therm-ic insoles check out our boot heater comparison chart to determine which boot heater will best fit your needs and budget.   Check out our boot heater comparison chart to help find the system for you.

When you receive your boot warmers you can install them easily by following our video youtube instructions.


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