When Ski Boots Are Too Big

Many skiers share 2 problems. Many skiers size their skis too short and their boots too big. While small skis are a minor problem, a too big of boot creates problems. If the boot is too big, you have a loss of control, your foot moves around inside the boot making it uncomfortable and it may affect the release of your bindings.

But why do people size their boots too big?  They think their toes should not touch the end. While it is OK to touch the end of the boot, it’s not good to be uncomfortable. The problem is when someone tries on a boot without the help of a trained boot fitter, their toes normally touch the end of the boot and think it’s too small. So they size bigger. What really happens is they don’t give their heel a chance to get into the heel pocket. It’s only when the heel is back in the pocket properly that you know if the boot is the proper size.

When boots are too big, it creates a few problems. Lack of control, lack of comfort and safety. The biggest problem is the safety issue. If your boots are too big, when you fall, the foot moves inside the boot so your binding may not release properly. When the boot fits properly, the binding releases more consistent.

What can be done with boots that are too big?

Find your local ski boot fitter. Many experienced boot fitters can add padding in the proper places for your boots to fit better.
Trade in your ski boots for the proper size boot. Alpine Accessories takes trade ins at the Lake in the Hills IL shop.
See our boot sizing chart to check your size.

Ski Boot Sizing Chart

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