K2 Introduces K2 Ski Boots at 2013 SIA Snow Show

K2 Sports introduced their new ski boots for the 2013-2014 at the SIA Snow Show held in Denver in January, 2013. 

The new K2 ski boots have been in developement for over five years. While most ski boots are developed from racers and technolgy is passed down, K2 started with a fresh slate and designed their boots for the current wider skis, not racing skis. K2 has a lot of experience in boots. They currently make snowboard boots, Full Tilt ski boots, rollerblades and more so this came naturally. But it’s the rear spine of the boots that make the boots unique and ski well.

K2 knows their new boots will need explaining and trying on so they will not be available on-line. K2 will be selecting only shops with certified boots fitters to make sure the model and fit is correct.

Alpine Accessories will have the new K2 ski boots for the 2013-2014 season and should be the first shop in Chicagoland to have them in stock, probably sometime in late June or July of 2013.

K2 SIA Snow Show booth
Left to right, Brian from K2, Rick from Alpine Accessories, John from K2
Rick tries on the K2 ski boot at SIA 2013
Rick tries on the K2 ski boot at SIA 2013


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