ION Air Pro WiFi video camera

In 1986 if someone was to strap a video camera to their helmet, it would be so heavy and bulky they would not be able to go down the hill. The cameras then weighed around 30 pounds, were bigger than most heads and the video and sound quality was terrible. But it had to start somewhere.

ION Air Pro helmet waterproof camera

ION Air Pro helmet waterproof camera

We now have video cameras that can hide in the palm of your hand, weighs in around 4 ounces including the battery! The darn things are so small and light you forget they are on your head. And what they are capable of is outstanding!

We researched and tested the new cameras on the market. We looked at the camera that started it all, GoPro. And we looked at ION, Contour and JVC. Now all were good cameras and very similar but we found a few features about the ION we liked so much, we closed out GoPro and started carrying the ION Air Pro.

Now all the cameras we tested had similar specs on the quality of the video. We found when you looked at your videos on a computer screen or your phone, we could not tell the difference in quality. The high definition only made a slight difference on a high def TV and even then it was hard to tell.

But the ION Air Pro WiFi had some unique features we really liked.

First, the controls vibrated when you pressed them. You may not think this is a big deal but many times we missed videos with our GoPro on top our helmet because we thought we pressed the button to record but got back to the condo and had nothing because the camera never started recording. Then I had the reverse problem. I thought I turned it off once and when I got back to review the video, I had a video of us standing around talking, waiting in lift line and riding up the lift. The vibrating buttons let you know every time you do something.

Second, it is water proof right out of the box. No need to put it in a water proof case. And when you put a GoPro in the waterproof case, it kills the sound.

Third, wind noise. The cylindrical design of the ION slices through the air with hardly any wind noise so you get to hear everything with more clarity.

Last, it hooks up with my cell phone via WiFi. I can operate the camera, see what I am shooting, review videos, check my battery life and a whole lot more with the free app. This feature alone is worth the camera. It took me a little time to figure the WiFi connection and controls but once you got it, it so easy to use.

So if you are looking for a new video camera, consider the ION Air Pro WiFi. It is worth every penny.


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