Ski Equipment Summer Storage

Off season storage is extremely important and can make your equipment last and perform longer. Follow these tips to help you protect your investment and get the best performance out of your gear.

1)Skis should be tuned BEFORE storing for the summer. This way your bases are clean and waxed for the absolute best protection from the summer humidity.

2)Store your skis standing upright in a rack in a dry area. Do NOT store skis or boards hanging from their tips in a rack over the summer as this can harm the tips. Basements are fine if a dehumidifier is present or basement is dry.See Ski Racks

3)Bindings should be cleaned of all dirt, salt and grime with water. Ski binding heels should be in the open position. DO NOT REDUCE the tension on ski bindings.

4)Boots should be cleaned thoroughly and liners should be completely dry. Then store your boots with soles flat on a shelf or floor. Buckles should be buckled and laces should be laced. A loose fitting plastic grocery bag can be put over your boots to keep out dust.

5)NEVER store your gear in a ski or boot bag. Nylon luggage and bags are designed to keep out moisture when transporting. But they also keep in moisture when storing. This allows edges to rust and boots to mildew

Follow these guidelines and you will get extra years and better performance from your equipment.Read more storage tips


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