K2 Skis and Snowboards for 2013-2014 Have Arrived

Alpine Accessories is the first to receive the new 2013-2014 skis and snowboards in the Chicago area. Why? Because we place our order about 2 weeks prior to everyone else. And the first order in is the first order to be shipped. So stop by and see the new skis and snowboard equipment.

New 2013 - 2014 K2 Skis

K2 realigned and improved their skis this year. It is easier for you to figure out which ski you want because the waist width is now part of the name. For instance, K2 Rictor 82Ti. This model has an 82 waist width.

But the big news from K2 is ski boots. Yes, the largest USA ski company will be offering ski boots this season. They are the first new ski boot manufacture in a very long time and only a handful of shops in the Chicago area will have the new boots.  K2 wants to make sure you are fitted properly and have selected certain shops that have a reputation of good boot fitting. Stop by again. We should have the boots in August, 2013.


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