What’s new for ski gear for 2014?

The first thing that comes to mind is the new K2 ski boots. Instead of taking a race boot and tuning it down, K2 decided to design their boots from the ground up. This gave them more options on how to design their new boots. The big difference is their Y shaped spine on the back of the boots which allows the boots to flex progressively instead of your shin hitting a brick wall like some customer say happen. And K2 is so determined to make sure you get the correct model and fit, they are not allowing their boots to be sold on-line. They selected dealers throughout the states that have qualified boot fitters and the tools to fit their boots properly. Alpine Accessories is proud to carry K2 boots.

The next thing that comes to mind is the Bolle Osmoz helmet. Even though goggles and helmets are compatible, often they do not fit together perfectly and air gaps are created. The Bolle Osmoz helmet intergrates the goggle with the helmet for a perfect fit. And the goggle is included in the price.

Many skiers travel. Some travel a lot. And they want their gear protected. High Sierra designed the Pro Series ski and boot bags for the serious traveler. Tough material, plenty of features and designed to take a beating. So good, High Sierra put a 5 year warranty on their Pro Series. And the color of the bags stand out. Take a look at the High Sierra Pro Series travel bags.



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