Therm-IC Presented at SIA Snow Show 2014

Therm-IC product for 2014-2015 was shown at the SIA Snow Show 2014 booth. Rick Pasturczak, owner of Alpine Accessories met with representatives of The Soze Group, the North American distributors for Therm-IC products. The Therm-IC heated gloves will be making a comeback with improvements to the battery connectors. It will be easier to recharge the glove batteries as the batteries will no longer need be unplugged from the gloves to recharge them. The line will consist of the Basic, Max, Supermax, 950, 1200 and 1600 batteries.

Rick from Alpine Accessories met with Therm-IC Staff at SIA Snow Show 2014
Therm-IC Ski Boot Warmers – Booth at SIA Snow Show 2014

Rick visited Therm-IC booth at SIA Show. (in photo: August Stangl, Managing Director of Therm-ic, Pete Iverson, North American Sales Manager The Soze Group; Kim Hodal, co-founder of The Soze Group, Rick Pasturczak, owner Alpine Accessories.)


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