Buy Environmentally Sustainable Clothing

When we buy quality apparel that provides many years of use, you reduce the amount of resources required. Most of us do not realize that producing apparel takes an enormous amount of resources. We think that if an item states it is natural, cotton, or wool that the clothing is good for the earth. “The textile industry is one of the most chemically intensive industries on earth, second only to agriculture, and the world’s largest polluter of increasingly scarce freshwater.” [1] Buy quality apparel to reduce resources by getting more use of one item. Recycle and Reuse your garments.

Affects of Manufacturing on the Environment

Cotton uses enormous amounts of water and pesticides. Polyesters are derived from a petroleum based product that results in many oil spills and wars to get the crude oil raw materials. If one buys cheap, poor quality clothing, then replace that garment with another cheap garment, you are doubling the amount of resources used. If we buy quality products, we not only get better looking garments, we also get fabrics that last longer. The garment construction does not fall apart. Better quality apparel has additional features not found on lower quality garments.

Features of Better Quality Garments

You will get better fabrics and construction in a quality garment. Additional features will make wearing the clothing more enjoyable. For example, to reduce the cost of a ski jacket, manufacturers eliminate design features. Removable hoods, zip off snow-skirts, inner cuffs with thumb holes and more pockets are great extra features. The outer fabric and inner laminate that makes the jacket waterproof, are of higher quality increasing the waterproof and breathable level and more important, your comfort level.

Quality garments are worth repairing or handing down to another to wear. Keep poor quality garments out of the land fill.  You can donate quality clothing to various groups who give, resell or export clothing to the needy such as the Salvation Army, the Purple Heart or Usagain .  By donating you will help to reduce the environmental degradation from the manufacturing of new clothing and make a healthier planet.
Annually Alpine Accessories donates new ski jackets to our locate Winter Clothing Drive for Homeless Students in our area.

You will find only the best quality ski wear at Alpine Accessories. The brands we carry offer manufacturer warranties. Brands such as Obermeyer,  The North Face and Helly Hansen offer a lifetime warranty on their garments.

[1]  StanleyYvonChouinard & Vincent The Responsible CompanyVentura, CA,Patagonia Books,2012.


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