Get Ready For Ski Season

At the beginning of every season we see people bringing in their skis and snowboard to get tuned or buying new gear in anticipation for the season ahead.

But how many of us are getting our bodies ready for the slopes? If you are out of shape, it could ruin a otherwise great vacation. When you are in shape you can ski or snowboard longer giving you more time on the hill and giving you more runs for your dollar. You don’t want to pay for a lift ticket to sit in the warming hut because you are too beat to go on. You don’t want to be the first guy to quit at the end of the day.

Paddle Board Workout
Workout on a Paddle Board

You do not have to belong to a gym to get in shape. Get out and power walk, jog or run. All you need are a good pair of shoes.  Get out your Ski Magazine to find some great exercises, some which you can do in your own home. Do a variety of exercises. You want to be strong, flexible and have endurance. So do those squats, a plank and leg presses for strength. Take a paddle board yoga class for flexibility. Then go out for a run for endurance.
When you beat the rest of your group down the hill you will be happy you prepared your gear and yourself.


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