Normcore Ski Wear

Are you anti-fashion? Do you like to dress as inconspicuous as possible, with no designer logos?

Blending in is the new standing out. The new trend is to dress “normcore”. Normcore is dressing super anonymous, no logos, no labels, non-descript quality apparel. This unpretentious style will stand the test of time, so when you go looking for ski wear this season, choose quality pieces a la carte and mix and match quality pieces from different manufacturers. By buying quality sustainable apparel that will not go out of style, that you can wear a long time, you will save yourself money as well as help the environment.

Obermeyer makes quality ski wear.  Look at the Tuscany women’s ski jacket and Malta insulated ski pant, that are exceptional quality outerwear for skiing or snowboarding.

Men’s Obermeyer has the Foundation men’s ski jacket that is waterproof breathable jacket and Helly Hansen Legendary men’s ski pants, that fits the Normcore model.

Obermeyer Tuscany Womens Ski Jacket
Obermeyer Tuscany Women’s Ski Jacket
Obermeyer Foundation Mens Ski Jacket
Obermeyer Foundation Men’s Ski Jacket
Obermeyer Malta Womens Ski Pant
Obermeyer Malta Women’s Ski Pant
Helly Hansen Legendary Mens Ski Pant
Helly Hansen Legendary
Men’s Ski Pant


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