Paddle Board Accessories for Safer and Easier Paddling

Get more out of your paddle boarding experience

Paddle board accessories can make your paddling experience more fun, safer and easier. There are basic must have accessories such as a paddle, a PFD and a leash that will make life easier for you on the water.

Paddles: Paddles can range from under 2 pounds to over 4 pounds. Paddle are made out of aluminum, plastic, carbon or any combination. If you a a beginner an adjustable paddle works great as you get a feel of what length you like as you learn. For those who are entering SUP races a lightweight carbon paddle will get you to the finish line sooner.

PFD: The U.S. Coastguard had designated paddle boards as vessels and you are required to have a PFD life vest on or on your board at all times. You can get a cheap orange jacket at the big box store for $10 or you can get a paddle specific vest which has lower side openings to prevent an underarm  friction rash.

Leashes: Leashes are good to have if you are a beginner who falls frequently and you don’t want your board to drift away from you. When paddling on a river a leash is more important to have as the current will take away your board and then you are up a creek without a paddle board. We prefer the BIC coiled leash as it stays out of your way.  There are also leashes for your paddle.

paddle board accessories paddles and leash
BIC Ace-Tec paddle board with coiled leash, trolly, carry strap, carbon fiber paddle, stash bag & paddle buddy.

If you will be taking a long excursion, you will want to have supplies like water,snacks and maybe a camera and dry shoes when you get to your destination. The BIC deck bag has a water proof compartment and attaches to your board attachment points. If your board has no attachment points the LeashMates System is an after market product that you can easily attach.

Then there are board bags to protect your bag from scratches and dents when being stored, wall racks to hang your board on a wall, SUP racks for your car, waterproof phone covers and waterproof packs to carry gear in. The BIC SUP HD bag has reflective material that reflects heat. The SUP carry strap can also be used to hang your board on the garage wall when not in use.

The Paddle Buddy is great if you are taking pictures or doing SUP Yoga. The Paddle Buddy ensures that your paddle will stay on your board. Take all the photos you want without the worry of losing your paddle. If you have a long distance to your launch area the SUP Trolly will make life easier. Just strap it on the end of your board and pull your paddle board right behind you.

It is the little things in life that makes memories. So make some great paddle board memories and get some of these SUP accessories.

If you are looking for some paddle board accessories, come down to The Board House in Crystal Lake IL, where we are offering in the paddle board rental shack a number of SUP accessories.


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