Wanabe Ski Bum

Certified Ski Technician in Halloween costume.

Wanna Be Ski Bum Ryan Pasturczak dressed up in his dad’s early 1980’s Nevica one piece ski suit for Halloween.  This is not the first time Ryan has donned the suit.  In the past couple years he has actually worn the suit several times on the hill skiing and boarding.  Ryan is a certified technicianRead More

Atomic Clinic

Atomic Sales Training

Atomic Ski Company training! The Midwest Sales representative for the Atomic Ski Company, Tom Blair, came to Alpine Accessories on October 13th to train our employees on the new 2010-2011 products of Atomic skis and Atomic boots. Tom has worked for Atomic for 20 years and is an avid skier. Just recently he was voted rep of theRead More