High Altitude and Oxygen

Today’s breathable air contains less than 21% oxygen while previous years contained more than 50%. Big city living or being at high altitude decrease your oxygen intake even more. Your body thrives on three things; 1) oxygen, 2) water and 3) food. However, oxygen is the catalyst for the other two. Without the proper levelsRead More

Snow Conditions

Arapahoe Basin Colorado - snow conditions

October 26, 2012: Currently the U.S. snow coverage as of today is at 20.3%. Let’s do a snow dance and hope that this continues to make up for our no snow season of last year which was the 4th warmest winter in the U.S.   When you want to get the latest snow conditions go to the National WeatherRead More

Get Ready For Ski Season

Paddle Board Workout

At the beginning of every season we see people bringing in their skis and snowboard to get tuned or buying new gear in anticipation for the season ahead. But how many of us are getting our bodies ready for the slopes? If you are out of shape, it could ruin a otherwise great vacation. WhenRead More

What mountain is this?

You have been an avid skier and/or snowboarder for some time.  When you go to your favorite area do you stick to your favorite runs or do you try to ski them all during your stay? Do you go to the same area every year or do you try somewhere new?  So how well doRead More