Wanabe Ski Bum

Certified Ski Technician in Halloween costume.

Wanna Be Ski Bum Ryan Pasturczak dressed up in his dad’s early 1980’s Nevica one piece ski suit for Halloween.  This is not the first time Ryan has donned the suit.  In the past couple years he has actually worn the suit several times on the hill skiing and boarding.  Ryan is a certified technicianRead More

Ben Kaiser – ski jumper

Even though Alpine Accessories doesn’t sell ski jumping skis, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the sport. Can you imagine going down a ramp, flying off into the air without seeing the bottom and then trying to land correctly some 100 feet down? Can you imagine downing this as a teenager? Ben Kaiser, a customerRead More

K2 Introduces K2 Ski Boots at 2013 SIA Snow Show

K2 Sports introduced their new ski boots for the 2013-2014 at the SIA Snow Show held in Denver in January, 2013.  The new K2 ski boots have been in developement for over five years. While most ski boots are developed from racers and technolgy is passed down, K2 started with a fresh slate and designed their boots for the current wider skis,Read More

What mountain is this?

You have been an avid skier and/or snowboarder for some time.  When you go to your favorite area do you stick to your favorite runs or do you try to ski them all during your stay? Do you go to the same area every year or do you try somewhere new?  So how well doRead More