Cleaning Snow Outerwear for Summer Storage

Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct

You have prepared your ski and snowboard gear for summer storage, but did you forget about your ski jacket and snow pants? Keep your waterproof breathable outerwear performing and looking good longer by washing before storing in the warm summer months. Over time when clothing is stored with dirt, stains and sweat it will be harderRead More

Swix Gloves

Swix Sidewinder Component Glove for Men and Women

Swix Sidewinder component gloves are 3 gloves in one.  Just like a component jacket that many of us like the insulated outer glove has a removeable liner shell glove.  The liner glove is not just not a liner, this liner can be used as a lightweight glove by itself.  The fleece liner has a gripper palm which you canRead More